Meet The Team



Like any kid, I loved my toys. Whenever I would get a new toy, I would take it out of the box and draw a picture of it with my crayons.

I wouldn’t hang the pictures up or give them to my parents as a “thanks for the present!” but I’d sell them in exchange for candy. 

So maybe you could say I loved candy more than toys. Then they gave me a Polaroid camera and I switched from drawing to photography.Since young my parents had no doubt I had a talent for arts and sales, and than my art direction career started and that’s how I fell in love with advertising, without even realizing. Designing, creating, imagining is what I live for but traveling is what I dream about.

So if you want to get to know my frenetic, sarcastic and outgoing personality more, I’ll be here. Or there.

PS: I don’t accept candy as payment anymore.



Keep it hanging.

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